Best place for weekend getaway near manila

Traveling to a more secluded location can be very challenging and the allure of a quick getaway to a relaxing and refreshing place is still something that keeps people searching for alternatives. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway or a simple weekend stay-cation away from the chaotic city crowds, here are three best places for a weekend getaway near Manila.

1. Batangas

Batangas has always been the favorite weekend getaway for individuals and families especially those who are seeking beach destinations and secluded hotels near Manila. Its beaches are clean and persevered and it has experienced a lot of tourist proliferation in the recent times. Some of the best beaches to visit in Batangas are;

· The Burot Beach found in Calatagan. It is filled with crystal clear waters, uniquely sculptured rock formations and fine sands.

· Masasa Beach found in Maricaban island has very unique aesthetics and it is best visited with Gulugod Baboy and Anilao, a popular diving spot in the country.

· Fortune Island is one of the best places to visit while in Batangas thanks to its Grecian pillars & statues built on top of the island. The island also has a museum. You can engage in reactional activities such as snorkeling or go scuba diving.

After a successful day in the beaches one can check in at;

Narra Hill, Laurel – It’s a hotel sitting on top of a hill hidden behind luscious green and damp trees. The bed and breakfast hotel has also a swimming pool that overlooks the renowned Taal Volcano.

Cintai Corito’s Gardens – Cintai is an Indonesian word which means love and just like its meaning, everything about Cintai Corito’s Gardens will make you to fall in love with it. If you are dreaming of going to Bali in under 2 hours and you are on a tight budget, then Cintai Corito’s Gardens is a worthwhile destination that can pass as the popular Indonesia tropical island. Located in Batanga’s Balete, the Balinese inspired sanctuary is a quiet, cool and peaceful place where one can relax, unwind and meditate. There is no shortage of art and picturesque views from its hand carved walls & accents, stone statues to garden walkways

2. Graceland Estates & County Club

It is found in Tayabas, Quezon Province and roughly 2 hours away from Metro Manila. Graceland Estates and Country club is hidden at a cool, quiet and charming spot in an eco-tourism district. It’s the perfect weekend getaway destination for nature lovers. The chilly Tayabas City skyline can be seen clearly from the estate and it blends perfectly with the countryside buildings. The 22 hectare property is very popular with individuals who are seeking to escape the urban hustle and bustle or families that need a pleasant space to spend quality time

3. Sitio De Amor Farm Resort

Located in San Pablo City Laguna, Sitio De Amor is roughly two hours from Metro Manila. This sprawling estate is found in a densely vegetated Laguna terrain and nestled between the mystical Mt. Banahaw and San Cristobal Mountain. The air in this secluded farm resort is constantly fresh thanks to the surrounding vegetation and the nights are made more romantic from the cool breeze wafting from the shrubs, vines, bromeliads and hardwoods. For those seeking a quiet & peaceful reprieve away from the city’s noise and air pollution, Sitio De Amor is the best weekend gateway destination.

I have recently bought Mazda 5 and I am amazed with this car

I have recently bought Mazda 5 and I am amazed with this car. I want to share my experience with you, especially the reasons why I bought – Mazda 5.

This Japanese car is fabricated exceptionally well. I can say it is definitely a top-class car and it belongs among the best 6 passenger vehicles with best gas mileage – . Furthermore, prior to buying this car, I have made a research and found out that Mazda 5 is the most reliable car in its class. I can confirm this after spending several months on the road without a single problem. This car, which arrives to the market only from Japan, is very pleasurable to drive, especially if you choose a highway. Keep in mind that poor roads are not the best choice for this car, due to its hard, sporty trim. I went to a trip in the countryside last week and I can responsibly say that driving experience with my Mazda 5 on a highway is much more pleasurable. In fact, Mazda 5 is a sports car in its “soul”, in its core and this is easy to notice after only several minutes of driving. However, it is very easy to use it. What I personally like the most about Mazda 5 is its attractive interior and the fact that it is very spacious. This is a reliable family car with sliding doors, which is very practical in narrow spaces. Yesterday, for example, I parked in a narrow parking lot and it would be impossible to take my bag out from the back seat if I was driving a different car. However, Mazda 5 and its sliding doors made it a piece of cake.

As I have already said, I believe this is a perfect car for families with kids, as you will easily juggle with all the things you need to transport and fit into your car. I myself experienced this when I was going to the airport and had three large suitcases and plenty of additional baggage. It was such a pleasure to use the sliding doors and not worry about the edges of my bags, nor the adjacent cars in the parking lot.

What I personally love about this car is the perfect height and fitting of the steering wheel into my hands. In comparison to my previous cars, all of which I loved and enjoyed, Mazda 5 definitely wins when it comes to comfort. I would say this is an impeccable, attractive and reliable car I would definitely highly recommend.

5 Shoe Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing This Fall

Designers have spoken and the run ways have displayed, fall is around the corner and all footwear is set to rock your feet this fall. Expect some 80’s returns like the DO SLOUCH, fabrics like satin and velvet. The season’s colors shall be hot red and white but some matt brown, orange and black are also expected. From the runways of Milan, Paris, New York and more, here are the top 5 shoe trends the designers have prepared for you.


Armies around the world have been at war for long in the past few years and shoe designers seem to be celebrating the military man’s work with lots of stylish combat shoes. Prepare your leggings, high waists leather jacks and your round skirts and dresses for the perfect match with combat boots. The men will be wearing the hard cut sole shoes with skinny jeans and leather jackets. Celebrity’s Kanye West and Justin Bieber have already sampled us with their combat boots.


Fall is not complete without a pair of sneakers and yes there will be sneakers of all sorts and for every purpose in lots of colors and choices. White will, of course, be the season’s highlight for sneakers. You can match it with your sky blue jeans and still wear it with your pretty cut-out denim. There will be pretty gym sneakers for the work-out lady. Lifters for the lifting man, beautiful runner sneakers, and sneakers to fit every activity and outfit. Other cool colors to expect on sneakers this fall are pink and purple for the ladies, red, blue and black with lots of strips for the men, and a bit of animal prints and flowers for the kids and everyone.

Sky high boots & Sock boots

Sky high boots in matt brown and red hot are some of the boots to expect. A similar trend that we saw was the elastic and comfortable sock boot. In fact, there were all over the runways. Models show cased sock boots with flowery dresses. They pulled them over their jeans and paired them with slip dresses and sweater dresses. Sock boots are an 80’s and 70’s inspiration. They worked even during the summer but are back for fall. Don’t forget to stock enough miniskirts as they too will give you the perfect look with sock boots

A lot of sparkles

Ladies brace you for some shine. There will be lots of embellishment and embroidery. Flowery, animal and several other themed adornments. The sparkles are on almost all shoe types. We saw them on pumps, caged heels etc.

Artistic soles

Heels with both large and slim figures are the way to go. On the runways at Paris fashion week we saw heels designed in the form of castles. There were heels that looked like diamonds and others like metallic. Fabrics like velvet also braced the catwalks. Heels make your legs look longer and sexier and you can’t go through any season without them. Make sure you pick an artistic heel but that is comfortable enough. Heels with very thin soles will make your feet hurt and leave blisters on them.



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