I have recently bought Mazda 5 and I am amazed with this car

I have recently bought Mazda 5 and I am amazed with this car. I want to share my experience with you, especially the reasons why I bought – Mazda 5.

This Japanese car is fabricated exceptionally well. I can say it is definitely a top-class car and it belongs among the best 6 passenger vehicles with best gas mileage – http://familyautoguide.com/ . Furthermore, prior to buying this car, I have made a research and found out that Mazda 5 is the most reliable car in its class. I can confirm this after spending several months on the road without a single problem. This car, which arrives to the market only from Japan, is very pleasurable to drive, especially if you choose a highway. Keep in mind that poor roads are not the best choice for this car, due to its hard, sporty trim. I went to a trip in the countryside last week and I can responsibly say that driving experience with my Mazda 5 on a highway is much more pleasurable. In fact, Mazda 5 is a sports car in its “soul”, in its core and this is easy to notice after only several minutes of driving. However, it is very easy to use it. What I personally like the most about Mazda 5 is its attractive interior and the fact that it is very spacious. This is a reliable family car with sliding doors, which is very practical in narrow spaces. Yesterday, for example, I parked in a narrow parking lot and it would be impossible to take my bag out from the back seat if I was driving a different car. However, Mazda 5 and its sliding doors made it a piece of cake.

As I have already said, I believe this is a perfect car for families with kids, as you will easily juggle with all the things you need to transport and fit into your car. I myself experienced this when I was going to the airport and had three large suitcases and plenty of additional baggage. It was such a pleasure to use the sliding doors and not worry about the edges of my bags, nor the adjacent cars in the parking lot.

What I personally love about this car is the perfect height and fitting of the steering wheel into my hands. In comparison to my previous cars, all of which I loved and enjoyed, Mazda 5 definitely wins when it comes to comfort. I would say this is an impeccable, attractive and reliable car I would definitely highly recommend.

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

There are many destinations around the world but none of them offers the elegance that Pueblo Bonito beach gives you. Therefore, if you are wondering of the best place to go for your holiday, then you should consider going got to Pueblo Bonito sunset beach. You will enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature and enjoy the Pacific Ocean views.There are six pools and you can dive in when you are feeling hot.

Sitting on an island just near the beach is manila bar. Dining at this bar gives you the opportunity to appreciate the wonderful works of nature. Just a glance at it and you will fall in love with the place. You can enjoy your glass of juice or anything that you want while enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean. There is no better way to let go of you stress than by going to Pueblo Bonito beach. It will allow you to relax and enable you to go back to work energized.

There are separate pools for kids and also for adults. The rooms are spacious enough and have all the necessary amenities. Pueblo Bonito sunset beach is a mega resort that provides you with the amenities that you need to live a luxurious lifestyle. You can still stay in touch with what is happening around the world since there is a free Wi-Fi. Not to forget that there is a gym that you will use to stay fit.

You do not have anything to lose when you choose pueblo bonito as your vacation destination. You can go with your family or go for a romantic holiday with your spouse and have fun. Do not look anywhere else for the best vacation location. Go ahead and pack your bags and get ready to go on a trip that you will remember for the rest if your life.

Free iPhone Wallpaper and Lock Screen

iPhones all together will always come with wallpapers and lock screen features. With some being photos and others are live wallpapers. They usually give your iPhone an impressive front view, because one will prefer to have a beautiful wall paper on the lock screen to have a good attractive phone at glance.

The need for wallpapers and lock screens have really grown to the extent that wallpaper apps and also lock screen apps have been created and are there on the internet and in the play stores.

Lock screen apps are to enable one lock his/her phone so as to protect information or just for privacy purposes, as they usually secrete. On the other hand wall paper, apps provide pictures and wallpaper features and screen savers for one’s phone they can also enable one create his own wallpaper. It has since become a business with many creating this app to sell and also creating of wall paper products.

A beautiful wallpaper will make one fall in love with his/her phone just like the interior design of a house or decoration of an event as they act as an interior decoration of one’s phone.

Just like any other thing in the world they also have their pros and cons;


Wall papers

– Wall papers have bright and beautiful colors which will attract the user

– Live wall papers will make the device so look beautiful, attractive and more alive giving the user a great experience

Lock screens

– Lock screens help the user keep info private and protect the phone from intruders especially with the intruder selfie and also the finger print feature that comes with the lock screen apps


Wall paper

– Live wall papers will continuously run thus consuming a lot of battery power and also bright wallpapers drain power and this continuous use of battery power will damage the battery life.

Lock screen

– Some lock screens are may not have important features such as intruder selfie

– They may be annoying as some are unresponsive and resource unfriendly.