Manila Ocean Park: A Window to the Living Ocean

Are you looking for a perfect way to spend your weekend in the Philippines? Do you like sea animals and do you want to have fun in the water? We may have a perfect destination for you!

Manila Ocean Park is an outstanding theme park located in Manila, habitat of many aquatic animals and exotic birds.

Your kids would just adore it because they will enjoy hanging out with the sea lions, parrots, rabbits and many other animals, which you cannot see on a daily basis.

Of course, it is also suitable for adults – so this is a fun for the whole family.


Every attraction has its own time schedule, so at 10 AM you can encounter sharks and rays. Here you will see that these animals are not as dangerous as you may have thought. Maybe you’ll love them too.

There is a lot of fun for girls too – Mermaid swim experience is a mermaid simulation, where you will learn to swim like a siren, which you probably have always dreamed about.

Oceanarium – where you will see the sea giants for the first time. There are around 14,000 animals in In this great aquarium. The biggest attraction is underwater tunnel- it is interesting to see how these creatures swim above your head. It is also interesting that there are 277 different species here, and that all conditions are adapted to them so they would feel like in their natural habitat.

Antarctica is probably the most mysterious and strangest place in the whole world. Manila Ocean Park provides you unforgettable experience called “Trails to Antarctica”. It is a simulation of life on the southern pole, where you will be able to hang out with penguins and pet them like domestic animals.

There are many more activities with cute animals – “The Barnyard” is a place where you will be completely relaxed watching and petting these cute little rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and others. You will have a chance to see how they take care of their babies, which is interesting and useful too.

In addition to all this, there are also Fish Spa, Sea Lion Show, Bird Show, Scuba Diving… We will not reveal everything to you, we just hope that there are enough reasons to visit this beautiful park by yourself.

Do not worry about your time, you can come at Manila Ocean Park any day. Manila Ocean Park is a fairytale place and one of the few places in the world where the party never stops. Here you will find fun every day!