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6 Feb 12

Dip-Dye hair with Kool Aid!

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Special thanks to Ainslee for the tip!!! :)

Been itching to try ombre hair but too afraid to risk bleaching/coloring your hair? Want to see if it suits you first before actually going to a salon to have it done? Want temporary dip-dyed hair?  

Here’s how!


You will need: 

• Plastic cups (2)
• Plastic (4)
• Popsicle sticks / Stirrer
• Dye applier/brush (optional)
• Hair bands
• Gloves
• Conditioner
• Kool-Aid (4-6 packets) — I used strawberry. 

PS: I have treated/light colored hair so this worked for me. For those with black hair, I cannot guarantee that this will work. Although you can try leaving it overnight :) Basically, the lighter your hair color, the more vibrant (duh)

Hair before:

Hair color (in case you’re interested) : Palty (Jewelry Ash on top of Etude House Natural brown)


Step 1:

• Boil water (please be careful!)
• Mix one packet of Kool-aid for every 1/3 cup of water. You will need about 2 packets.


Step 2:

• Tie your hair into pig-tails!
• You may opt to dip your hair directly into the cups but I think this is easier~ Transfer the mixture in a plastic and tie it TIGHTLY to the ends of your pigtails. Don’t go to high up if you want just the tips :)
• Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes.
• Rinse off with WATER only
• Dry. 

* I only left mine for about 15min /bad bad girl! ~ but you can still see a hint of red!



Step 3:

• Now grab the remaining Kool-Aid packets and place them in a container.
• Add drops of water (emphasis on DROPS) and a little conditioner (white in color is the best!)
• Mix until you get a smooth, creamy (not watery) texture!


Tada! Left mine for about an hour heehee~ but I suggest you leave it for at least 3 hours! or even overnight! 
• Rinse it off with water and conditioner ONLY. Then dry.
• If you want to make it last longer, I suggest you just use conditioner for the tips when you take a bath (But please use shampoo on your scalp eew HAHA)

PS: Your hair will smell like Kool-aid for about 2 days LOL and it’ll wash off eventually :)


/Obligatory Instragram photo! (add me: Crissey8) <3

It was a bit time consuming and messy though so I don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon! But at least I know how I’ll look like with pinkish/red ombre hair! :) Now…where to find a salon with the perfect pink shade?! *o* 


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