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5 May 12

Art Supplies Haul + Drawing Process + Tria Markers Review

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So I just used up all of my money to buy these awesome art supplies /exaggerating again/ but seriously, they were quite expensive.

First up is a pink notebook with blank sheets~ perfect size to bring along anywhere :) It cost me P495. I use this for artwork drafts, random ideas, notes, and other stuff. Quite useful if you ask me.


I had dinner with the super talented and awesome Val Chua last night for a business meeting (More about that later but watch out for it!!!). She showed me her Tria marker which I’ve been seeing in Fully Booked for quite some time now. Never really bothered to check it out since they came in set boxes in Eastwood branch. Also, I thought they were just similar to the Letraset Markers (Check out my entry regarding this marker). 

I totally spazzed when I saw the nib! It’s similar to Copic markers brush tip nibs! The other side was a flat angled nib which I don’t really find useful. Being the impulsive buyer that I am, I grabbed a few (okay, 20 pieces) of these Tria markers a while ago. There were so many colors to choose from I stayed for an hour just picking out which ones to buy first.

Since I got quite a handful, I didn’t bother checking them one by one. BAD IDEA, 7 of my markers were already dried up :( Now I have to go back and have them replaced huhuhu /dying whale sound. So if ever you purchase these markers in the future, PLEASE check them before paying! :)

Much to my surprise, the marker actually had THREE nibs! Yup, that’s right! Three nibs in ONE marker! How cool is that? Here’s how they look like.

I love the ultra fine nib :) Perfect for those hard details like hair strands and lashes! *o*

While I’m at it, let me also show you my drawing/illustrating process. After I have made my draft, I usually make a rough sketch with a mechanical pencil (no shading).

After this, I roughly ink (don’t go OC yet!) it so I can see/trace it over another paper (I will use my marker paper for this review). — No need to ink roughly if you have a light box. 

After inking, place your paper BELOW your marker paper/any other paper you wish to use. 


For this review, I will use my Comic Marker Pad (I’ve been dying to have one ever since college) — This one costs P 825. Yes, it’s expensive. It’s worth it though if you’re using markers ! It’s 70gsm, 50 sheets, and developed for the use of alcohol based markers. I also noticed that it goes quite well with my unipins. No more bleeding ink and ugly smudging! :) Blends the markers perfectly as well. 


The fun part! Inking! YAY!!! :D Now you can go as detailed as you want! Carefully trace over your rough artwork.

I always use only : 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.5 Unipins (thinnest to thickest). Careful not to over press the tips cause they bend easily (0.05 and 0.1)


After you’ve completed your inked artwork (Give yourself a hug and a pat on the back) ~ hehe~ you can now color !!! :D 

I think Tria markers are the perfect alternative to Copic Markers. They are cheaper (P150 each) as opposed to Copics (P200+ each). Although the brush nib of Tria markers aren’t as flexible as Copics, they will suffice. Large array of colors too so you don’t have to worry about not getting a particular shade you want! ALSO, They don’t smell as bad as Copics or Kurecolors! :) 


Unfinished drawing as usual. :)) Anyway, that’s about it! Hope that helped :)A


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