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26 Dec 12

Canvas Tote Giveaway

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How was your Christmas? Hope you guys had a splendid time! :) Here’s a little treat (better late than never!) for my followers! I’ll be giving away two (2) canvas totes designed by - yours truly - !

I’ll make it very easy! All you have to do is :

1. Follow/Like my Facebook (Crissey8) / Instagram (Crissey8) / and Twitter (Crissey8) — Winner must be my follower to be fair! :D

2. Optional : LIKE this blog post and SHARE :)


3. IMPORTANT : DO NOT FORGET TO JOIN MY RAFFLE VIA - www.hellocrissey.com - Join the giveaway to be eligible :)


4. Post (Any account but make sure you tag me and set it on public so I can check) — I want to win a (specify which among the two *Kenshin/Xiaxue Inspired) canvas tote from @Crissey8 (www.hellocrissey.com)

5. Winner will be picked randomly via sweepstakes app on www.hellocrissey.com ( under blog giveaway category)

6. Open to Philippine residents only

7. Contest will end on December 31, 2012




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