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16 Jan 13

Kracie Prostyle Fuwarie : Review

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I decided to give this a try since Tricia swears by it~! (hallooo Tweesia!) I also would have bought it in a heartbeat anyway because it has the cutest packaging in the world! The Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Mist by Kracie comes in 3 variations : 

1. Straight Style

2. Curly Style

3. Air Bob Style

I ended up purchasing the third (Air Bob) since I plan to use it on my forever moody and rebellious bangs.


Kracie Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist (Bobbed Hair) is a heat protectant spray. It protects hair cuticles from the heat from hair styling tools. Set the hair as styled, keeping hair straight all day and silky smooth. Enhanced with Amino Acid to repair damaged cuticles, for beautiful, shiny hair. Protects against UV rays as well and light fruity fragrance.”

• Available in Beauty Bar

• Php 450.00 

• 150 ml

• Been in the market since 2009 ! (Japan)

• Heat Protectant 

• Protects hair cuticles from the heat from styling tools

• Great for extended wear

• Enhanced with Amino acid to repair damaged cuticles for beautiful shiny hair.


• English instructions and description at the back 

• Product wobbler is actually a mini manual / guide which is pretty much self explanatory (yay for drawings!)

• Easy spray and lock mechanism (simply pull down the lock - white - when not in use) — cool, huh?


Since I have natural wavy hair, I use the flat iron almost everyday just to straighten out my bangs to avoid looking like Sailormoon! (hello weird wavy heart shaped and awkward looking bangs). I’ve always been envious of people who have perfect and healthy looking hair (/shakes fist) — is it just me? :)) 

I’ve been using this hair mist for 3 days now :) I love it!!!

It doesn’t make my hair stiff nor does it clump it up in chunks. It actually feels softer :o The crazy thing about this mist is that you can actually FEEL it protecting your hair! While styling/ironing, it feels as if there’s a layer preventing the heat from damaging your hair — I swear! It doesn’t feel like my hair at all ! Believe me, I iron it everyday (bangs) so I know how the texture is like when ironing. With this mist, the iron glides very smoothly thus styles you hair easily. The texture is lightweight and won’t make your hair greasy.

Without this product, my bangs look…dry, rough, and just…well, dead. It also smells great unlike other hair products — fun fruity smell. Even after washing, my hair did not feel rough and stiff nor was it a chore to wash off — a product that looks and feels as if it’s barely there but works excellently.

Since I don’t have to worry about burning my hair anymore, I think I NEED the other 2 product variations in my life!!! :)) 

I’ll update this entry once I have tried the other two (curly and straight) <3 I wish they had the Prostyle Fuwarie Wax too ! :D


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