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13 Jun 13

Flowers and Dots

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Hi everyone~ How did you spend your holiday today? I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating much recently but… hello! Yes, I am still alive :) 

Anyway, I spent my afternoon with Tricia and the Canmake Philippines Team today (yay!). We’ve been a fan since forever and we’re so glad it’s finally here in the Philippines! Share the Canmake love! I can’t wait to use the Canmake goodies we received today — Thank you so much Sachie-san, Eri-san, Bea, and Arbee for a splendid afternoon. Tricia and I are very excited for their grand launch/opening which will happen very soon! In the meantime, you can add them up on FacebookTwitter, and on Instagram (@CanmakePH) for updates.

According to Tricia, this is 'my angle'. 

Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Extremely girly case from Crowned Velvet

Loving this high waist skater skirt so much as it gives the illusion of longer legs — I think we’ve all established the fact that I’m vertically challenged. Expect more skater skirts in the future! :D

By far my favorite pair from Tutum Shoes. Don’t you just love the floral detail?
(P1,200 — Eunice Wedge)

Crissey signing off! Hope you had a splendid day :)


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