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2 Jul 13

It’s a Petal Hem Kind of Day

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Hello, hello everyone! So sorry for the hiatus :D Truth is, I’ve been so busy reading books hehehe /no life. But I’m back now and I hope you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you *cue in dramatic music*.

Anyway, this is what I wore today:


Hype this look on Lookbook

How cute is this petal/scallop hem top I got from Choies.com ? The sleeves were too loose on me so I had to fold them :( This is how awesome it looks unfolded :


What I love most about this basic top (with a twist!) is that you can practically pair it with anything. A must-buy closet staple in my opinion. I’m so glad Choies.com offers free shipping /Yes! No minimum order. Also, my item/s arrived in just 3 weeks! I just had to pay P50 for tax/customs. Not bad at all!


Skirt from : Ever New
Flats from : Comfit
Blazer from : Promod 


Special thanks to my good friend Arvee for taking my photos! She got a new amazeballs Canon 60D so we tested it out before she leaves for vacation. What do you think about the quality of the photos? :) My Canon G1X is so ashamed LOL



In love with this pair from Comfit because it looks so classy plus it’s really comfortable!


Bulgogi for lunch. Discovered this little outdoor Korean restaurant (Fort Strip) called Seoul Express. Yum, yum! If you’re going to drop by, wear sheer/loose/summer clothes cause the heat/weather can get pretty nasty. Yikes!


My ‘not so amused face’ because they kept calling my hair bawang (garlic bun) Mean. But it does kinda look like garlic. Ouch. 


My minion says hi! 1 more day till Despicable Me 2 ! I’m totes excited!!!


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