Tutum Shoes Illustration

The Tutum shoe brand is designed by a Philippines company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of all types of female footwear. The shoes are sold on online platforms as well as in a few physical shops. There is a wide range of shoes to choose from when it comes to Tutum. There are flat shoes, high heeled shoes, chunky shoes, closed and open shoes and they are constantly introducing new designs. The main message you get from these shoes is a comfort. Most of the shoes are flat and the heeled ones are chunky, thus providing a firm support for all kinds of weights. The shoes also come in a wide form and a slim form to cater for all foot width needs. The shoes are designed for different occasions such as office wear, casual wear and slip-on that can be worn around the house. Due to the comfortable sole of the shoes, especially the flat ones, older people as well as the younger ladies have all been accommodated in the brand. All the shoes are well priced, with prices ranging between $5 and $30.

Since most of their sales are online, there have been a few customer complaints of delayed shipping or wrong orders being delivered. Their payment method is also slow and it takes a long time for confirmation of fund receipts to be made. The response time on the company’s social platforms is a bit delayed, which could be attributed to the differences in time zones or lack of enough manpower to attend to the queries raised. The mass production of so many designs also gives the impression that the shoes may not be that durable and that one needs several exchangeable pairs.

On the overall, the Tutum shoes are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and have friendly prices. The wide variety ensures that every category is catered for, from the old and young to the wide and narrow footed, to those looking for comfort and variety.