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30 May 13

Easy Dip-Dye / Ombre Hair | Tutorial

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Have you ever wanted to dip-dye/ombre your hair? Are you too hesitant to try because:

1. Your hair is damaged — especially the tips! Yikes!
2. You don’t know which salon to go to
3. If ever you did find a salon — it’s a bit pricey and you have the risk of having your hair even more damaged
4. You don’t want to bleach your hair
5. You don’t want anything permanent 

If you answered yes to at least one, then you’re in luck! This is the easiest and the least time consuming method I have tried so far. It’s so easy you can do it yourself within the comforts of your own home.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done/used this product — which I will talk about in a bit. It was actually Marj Sia who first introduced it to Val and I last year. 

So what exactly am I talking about? *cue in drumroll*



* Different colors available

Shine Moist Henna Wax 

"Shine Moist Henna Wax Color Treatment especially designed for dull and damaged hair. The unique formula is competent to penetrate deeply with protecting the cuticular layer of hair while the color treatment is processing. Exclusive natural color treatment and rich protein bond ingredients helps give nutrition, leaves hair exceptionally soft plus natural color looking. Henna Wax Color Treatment enhanced by using professional steamer to maximize the potential softness."



1. Make sure you don’t have very dark / black hair. This will only work on med-light hair. 

2. Make sure you cover your work area with newspapers/plastic. The dye stains quickly on most surfaces (but it’s washable…I think)

3. Use latex gloves — the product texture is a bit slippery so plastic gloves might not be a good idea.

4. Hair rubber bands

5. Plastic bags enough to fit in your hair. You can use shower caps too :)


Kool Aid Dip-Dye (very similar application process) — Click here for photos

1. Tie your hair into pigtails

2. Generously apply henna wax starting from the tips. Apply lesser henna wax as you proceed to the top /mid part of your pigtails

3. Make sure you apply the product EVENLY. It might be easier for you to use a dye brush :) 

4. After application, wrap your hair up in plastic to avoid staining your clothes while waiting~ Use rubber bands to secure plastic bags.

5. Lighter hair — leave on for 15-30 minutes; Medium Shade — Leave on for an hour and a half. You can always re-apply if it’s not vibrant enough (but dry your hair first) Leave on longer if you want it to be extra vibrant! 

6. Rinse off product/ until water runs clear. Do not shampoo/condition to allow color to stay in longer. 

7. Dry hair and enjoy your new ombre/ dip-dye :)



• Affordable at only Php 214.00 a tub (good for 2-3 uses — for tips only)

• Locally available (Galleria Department Store and Landmark)

• It’s a treatment designed for dull & damaged hair so no need to worry about further damaging your hair.

• Temporary — will last for about 1 week or two. Color intensity fully depends on how light your hair is.

• You can control color intensity — depends on how long you leave the product on your hair before rinsing it. 


• You have to rinse it off really well as product tends to bleed/stain on clothing. Wear dark colors for the first 2-3 days to avoid staining.

• Smells a bit weird but not unpleasant. 

• Not too many colors to choose from.

• Can get a little messy when applying — cover your workplace with newspapers to avoid staining!


Enjoy!!! :) 

10 May 13

Cat Prints and Floral Sunnies

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Hello everyone!

Yes, I am still very much alive :D I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating my blog recently ~ I’ve been so busy with things I haven’t had the time to even open my tumblr account #boohoo

Anyway, I met up with my good friend Keita for lunch today! We haven’t seen each other since forever (cue sad music)~! Sadly, Val and Jade couldn’t join us (we miss you!) Since I felt so bad for not updating my blog (IKR, I should just quit), I asked him to help me take photos; vice versa. 

Decided to wear my DIY floral sunnies since the weather has been terribly hot these past few weeks (ugh) — I promise to post a DIY Floral Tutorial later when I get back home :)


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11 Mar 13

DIY Panda Face Sweater | Tutorial

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I was dying to buy this panda sweater from Miss Selfridge because it was on sale for 30% off a few months ago (December?) but the last one wasn’t my size! boohoohoo ~ So I decided to make one myself :D

New motto in life : If you can’t have / buy it, make it yourself!


Luckily, I got this pretty knitted sweater at 50% off from Forever21 ! :D It only cost me around P600. 

You’ll also need a needle (preferably the one you use for cross stitching or the next smaller size) 

…and some knitting / crochet thread.

Oh, and a roll of double sided tape.


I replicated the panda face using Adobe Illustrator and printed it out on an A4 paper since my sweater size is XS.

* Note that this is not the exact placement of the panda features. You can print out the ears, eyes, and mouth separately if you want a bigger face / using a bigger sweater size.

Here’s the template you can print out :)


Cut out as carefully as you can ! 

You can use a craft knife for the hard to cut parts~ (National Bookstore)

After cutting, place them on your sweater making sure they’re all aligned. Use a measuring tape (I used a shoelace cause I’m too lazy to look for my measuring tape~heehee).

Once you’re satisfied with your placements, use double sided tape to secure them in place.


Now you can start stitching the outlines using the basic back stitch~


Image and description from Maurer Stroh

"Bring the thread out at the right-hand side. Take a backward stitch over the required number of threads, bringing the needle out the same number of stitches in front of the place where the thread first emerged. Continue in this way, working from right to left in the required direction.

Remember that odd numbers come from the back of the fabric to the front and even numbers are inserted into the fabric. The actual positions of these numbers will vary from projec to project. This is just an example.”


Surprise, surprise! I’m not exactly brilliant at sewing. Good enough! Please be very careful not to pull the string too tight because your cloth will get all wrinkly and distorted.


Outlines done! :)

If you want an easier way out of this, you can use fabric paint to fill in the insides. If not, then proceed to the next step :D


Now you have to sew more! ahhhh! 

Image from Maurer Stroh



Sew/embroider using the satin stitch. This will take a while so you have to be very patient. Rest every once in a while to avoid back pains hehe :)

This literally took me 30 minutes! I thought I was dying /O.A


FINAL PRODUCT!!! Not the best at sewing but…close enough! :) 

Tell me what you think :) Comments, likes, and re-blogs are always appreciated!

PS: If you want black sleeves, you can dye it using fabric dye (powder) but it’ll be quite risky :) Just be careful not to spill over :o


Kitty face sweater tutorial & template soon!!! :) Hope you enjoyed this tutorial !

25 Nov 12

TUTORIAL | DIY Ombre Jeans + Jeans Roll-up

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Long overdue post is long overdue.

Finally found the time to edit/post the photos hehe :) This is for everyone asking me how to make ombre jeans ~ I added a cute polkadot roll-up design too! I’m going to use white since it’s easier to dye. Colored fabric (medium-dark) will require some bleaching :) I actually tried it on my black denim shorts and it’s a bit tricky — Will tackle this one next time.



• White Jeans — Got mine from BENCH since it’s reasonably price and quality is commendable

Mod Podge Fabric Glue (DIY Modge Podge Tutorial here) or

• Sew no More Glue ( Carolinas / Ace Hardware / True Value )

• Rubber Gloves

• Medium-Large Brush for applying the Glue

• 6-8 packs Venus Fabric Powder Dye (any color you want — Venus brand is available in National Bookstore for only P 5.00 a sachet)

• Empty Syringe and Atomizer — For color trial / If you’re the messy type

• Scotch Tape / Fabric Tape / Masking Tape

• Preferred fabric design for jeans roll-up — Size depends but you won’t be needing that much


Imaginary guidelines before starting. You can use a pencil (light) to mark where you want the darkest shade to start and end. I recommend it to be just a bit below the hips. You wouldn’t want it to be covered when you’re wearing a long top, right?

Now you can mark where the middle shade will end (thigh part). For the washed up ( going to white) part, I suggest you mark it just above the knee. Don’t worry, you can always adjust in the process. We just want to avoid dying the entire thing ~ make sure you leave some white parts :)


Use 6-8 packs of Venus fabric dye (Use at least 8 if you’re using a light shade) in any color that you prefer. If you’re a beginner, using light shades are easier to control and remedy if you make a mistake.

Add about half an inch HOT water and mix it. 


PS: While you’re making your dye mixture, soak your jeans in HOT/WARM water. Don’t soak the parts you don’t want any dye on.


It’s important to work in/near an area where a faucet is easily accessible because you’ll be gradually adding more water to lighten the color concentration thus creating an ombre effect. 

First you have to dip section 1 (darkest/most concentrated) for around 5 minutes. You can dip it longer but you have to keep an eye on it to avoid any harsh lines forming. It helps to have a cup of clear water beside you so you can gradually pour in some water on the are where the white part meets the dyed part so wash out the harsh lines. You can also ‘rub’ on the clear water while pouring to better remove harsh lines.

Once you’re satisfied with the color, add more water ( about 20-30% more of what you initially have on the sink) and slowly dip 1/3 of section 2. Don’t forget to mix the water with your hands! As you dip more parts of section 2, gradually add more water to your mixture to lighten the color — this will create the ombre effect. You can run down a bit of water on your jeans as you work on section 2 to avoid any visible/harsh color transitions. Don’t let the water run too much as we don’t want the color to wash out entirely, YET.

PS: Don’t forget to check the back part of your jeans from time to time :)


For section 3, repeat the steps for section 2. Notice how my water is now semi-clear. If you picked a dark shade, you can drain down half of your mixture then add clear water. Remember to leave out the bottom part of you want visible white areas. 

PS: The color will be 1-2 shades lighter when dried so don’t panic if the color is too dark for your taste. 

Once you’re satisfied with the ombre, drain out the mixture and replace it with clear water. Soak your jeans in for a bit (except the lightest-white part) 


If you decide to reverse the ombre, don’t forget to dry it opposite (left) of what’s seen on the photo above. The reason why the white part should be on top is that color might bleed/drip on the white parts while drying —yuck.



This is optional but I think it’s cute :P



Cloth: Thicker cloth is easier to work with but might make your jeans (ankle area) a bit tighter than usual (for skinny jeans). I used chiffon — which is very rebellious and a pain in the butt but since it’s a pink + polkadot pattern — worth it.

You don’t need that much cloth for this :) Just about 3-4 inches in height. Width will depend on the circumference of your jeans (ankle area)


Cut out your fabric and make sure it covers the entire circumference. You can cut out any excess fabric after. 


Get your brush and fabric glue ready. It’s better to use mod podge as opposed to no sew glue. You can get Mod Podge on ebay and other online crafts store. That OR you can always make your own (DIY Modge Podge Tutorial here


Position the cloth (leave the folded bottom part of the jeans clear) and tape it in place — one side first.


Flip your cloth and begin applying glue generously but not too thick!


Glue on your fabric.

Be careful to remove any creases formed when doing this.

You can now work on the other leg/part while allowing the glue to dry.

After you finish both sides, flip your jeans and repeat the process on that side. Connect both ends of your fabric and cut out any excess cloth. You can apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on the fabric (sides) and intersection (where the ends meet) to make sure it stays in place while drying. 


Once dry, glue and fold up the folded bottom part of the jeans (The one I told you not to cover with fabric earlier) — allow to dry.


Once fully dry, you can wash and iron it to remove any dye and glue residue. This is how it should look like :)

If you don’t want to see the jeans roll up, simply roll it back down and you’re back to your basic ombre jeans (duh)

Hope this helps! :) What do you think about this DIY?

Show me yours if you make one !

Likes, Comments, and Reblogs are always loved <3

16 Nov 12

DIY Tattoo Tights/Stockings Tutorial

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Sorry for not posting often! :( But as promised, here’s another easy DIY tutorial! :) I’ve been seeing this trend for quite sometime now and I think it really looks cute ! I’ll be teaching you how to transfer your design/drawing on to your stockings. If you want to use a design you found on the internet, please make sure you’re going to use it personally / do not make any form of profit from the material — better yet, contact the artist and ask permission if you can use his/her illustration/design :) Art theft is not cool. There are dozens of sites that provide stock illustration/vector/materials — all of which you can use! (Make sure to read the copyright/description before downloading and using any)


• Tights / Stockings (nude or beige)

• Fabric Pen (Available in bookstores / office warehouse) — If you can find FABRIC PAINT PENS that will be much better and fade/smudge proof

• Carton / Used folder

• Masking Tape



Print out your design (8.5” x 11”). If you’re using a black pen, it’ll be better if you print it out in gray/light color so you won’t get confused when you’re tracing over the design.

After printing out the desired design, tape the sheet on to your carton/folder. Make sure to tape all sides to avoid any paper movements. 



Once attached, roll up your carton until you form an arch.

Tip: You can measure the arch width using your thigh :p

Tape both sides to hold the cartons form/ hold it in place


Step 3:

Insert your carton inside the leg of your stockings.

Make sure to push it down to the area where the stockings start to get thinner. *see dotted lines ~ Please note that the area above the dotted lines will not be visible unless of course you’re going commando/no shorts/no skirt HEHE :p


Step 4:

Grabe your fabric pen and carefully trace over the lineart :)
PS: Buy the fine tip pen to make tracing details easier.
Be patient! :))
Step 5:

Allow the ink to settle in and dry overnight *just to be sure* although it dries as fast as 5 min ._. hihi
You should have something like this.
Super easy right? :) Show me yours if you make one ^u^ Hope this helps! 
This is super cheap too! Cost me around P40 (stockings) and (P75) for the pen ~ roughly P150? :)
Likes, comments, and shares are always loved <3
3 Oct 12

DIY Studded Tie Dye Denim Top : Tutorial

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Easiest DIY project so far! *u*


• Denim Top (I got mine from Bench / Her Bench — it’s super cute and affordable)

• Rubber bands — lots and lots of rubber bands! I suggest using the thicker more durable kind.

• Fabric Dye (I’m using blue but you can use any color you want as long as your denim top is light in shade) - - about 2 packs.

• Gloves

• Hot water

PS: If you can work near a faucet (on your sink) it’ll be a lot easier !



Soak your denim top in water (preferably warm or hot)



Wring out the water — make sure it’s not dripping wet.


Step 3:

Randomly crumple your denim top. Then twist, turn, squeeze as you apply a generous number of rubber bands.

Make sure you secure your rubber bands tightly so the dye wont seep in the parts where there are elastic ties. — Yes, it’s called tie-dye cause you tie it…then dye it! /hello captain obvious.

You don’t have to be neat and O.C when doing this. The more random, the better!


Step 4:

Prepare your dye mixture. Make the first mixture concentrated (2 parts dye 1 part water)

Now, the reason I asked you to work near the faucet — on your sink preferably is so that you have easy access to dye free water. If the dye might be a bit too dark for your taste, you have to flush it off with water quickly to avoid the build up of harsh lines — this is especially important when working on an ombre effect.

Since we’re working on a tie dye, flushing with water is important so we can avoid dye from seeping in the parts where we placed rubber bands. We want those parts to be white/dye free. Careful not to rinse too much when you’re working on the sink because water will be added to your dye mixture hence making the color lighter.


Step 5:

Grab your denim and randomly dip some parts of it on your dye concentrate. These will turn out to be the areas where the blue dye is darkest in shade.

Please remember to work quickly to avoid any harsh lines from building up. Once your happy with the dyed tips/parts, quickly rinse your entire denim with cold rushing water. Do not squeeze of twist.


Step 6:

Add more water into your mixture to get a lighter shade of blue. After doing so, you may now dip in your denim randomly. You may repeat the parts where you have already dipped it in the concentrate mixture to get a sort of ombre effect. Please do not dip it entirely in the mixture, we have to leave some parts of the denim free of fabric dye.


Step 7:

Quickly flush it off with water.

* Do not squeeze or wring out excess water. 


Step 8:

Now you can get rid of your dye mixture and replace it with clear water — cold.

Leave your denim soaked in for a few minutes before rinsing out all the excess dye— Repeating for the nth time, do not wring just rinse the water off; you can press on your denim to remove the excess dye but be careful not to move the bands too much.


Step 9:

Remove it from the water and press on it to get rid of excess water.

Now the fun part!!! 

Remove all the rubber bands.


Step 10:

You should have something like this.

Let it sit in your sink for a couple of minutes just so it’s not dripping wet. DO NOT HANG. You don’t want any of your excess dye dripping over the pattern you just made.


Step 11:

Towel dry! Lay out a towel (flat surface, duh) you don’t mind getting some dye on. Place your denim on top (spread out)


Step 12:

Roll it up and leave it for a couple of minutes — or an hour.


Step 12:


Next step is optional :D


Step 13: 

Add studs! 



Comments, Likes, and Reblogs are always loved <3

Hope this helps! :)

- Crissey

19 Sep 12

DIY Studded/Spiked Pumps : Tutorial

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Plain pumps getting boring too look at? Spike and stud it up! :D I actually found black faux suede pumps lying around in my shoe cabinet the other day. It’s a size smaller so I don’t really wear it out PLUS I have weak leg muscles so I’m kind of a ‘flats’ girl.

PS: Not actual photo of my pumps because I forgot to take a picture hehe /fail.

Since Domz (One of my super gorgeous bffs) has been raving so much about studs and spikes for the past few days, I decided to ‘dress-up’ my boring pair and give it to her as a surprise present. heehee. 



• Mod Podge ( Check out this link : How to make your own Mod Podge ) You can also get some at ebay!

• Glitters (I just used silver glitters for this one)

• Boring Pumps (duh)

• Spikes and Studs (Again, there’s a lot in Divisoria but I don’t exactly know where since I don’t buy it myself)

• Duct tape/ Masking tape (If you’re a messy worker)

• Paintbrush you don’t mind getting messed up with glue and glitter (It’ll easily wash off though)


Step 1: Prepare your glitter mixture by mixing glitter and mod podge in a 1:1 ratio

You want the mixture to be pasty and not…grainy. 


Step 2: Brush over the parts where you want to add glitter. Don’t forget to put masking tape on parts of the shoe you don’t want glitters to touch! 

I decided not to use masking tape since the material I’m working on is suede — I didn’t want to risk having masking tape residue on the shoes :o

Allow to dry and clean off excess glitter with masking tape.


Step 3: Prepare your studs and spikes while waiting for it to dry.


Step 4: Because I’m an impatient potato, I carefully added spikes while it was still a bit wet. hehe. 

You can use your mod podge (jewel pod podge is better) to adhere the studs and spikes but I found out using Might bond (in small amounts) is more effective and fast. Just be sure not to put too much (excess glue surrounding the stud/spike) because the glue looks hideous when it dries up.

For the next steps, you’re really in your own. You can put the studs and spikes anywhere you want ! Just be careful not to overdo it or mess up the glitters with your wandering fingers (if it’s still wet)


Here’s what I did to mine:

Note: I used Mod Podge (Jewel) on the right shoe and Mighty Bond (for shoes — You can find it in DIY/Hardware stores) on the left. Notice how it’s neater :D

Added studs!


Continued the spikes and studs pattern down to the heel after the glitters were a bit dry.

Don’t forget to give the front side some stud and spike lovin too!

Seems to be missing something…

Oh! More studs of course!

Was not quite satisfied with this yet.


Added glitters to the front platform to match the heels.

When the glitters have completely dried up, add another layer of mod podge to seal it.

Clean out any excess glitters with masking tape while it’s still a bit wet.


Here’s the final output ~


Enjoy your new and improved pumps! :) Or make a friend happy by giving it to her ! LOL


Reblogs, Likes, and Comments are always loved <3 What do you think about this post? ^u^