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11 Sep 14

Flower Power

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It’s been raining really hard for the past few days. Thankfully, mister sun decided to show up today; so I decided to wear something colorful ! Yay for good vibes :D

White Short Sleeve Florals Print Dress from Sheinside.com

White Wedges from Golddot

Yellow Skirt from Bershka

Pink Clutch from Coach

Forgive my ‘sleepy face’. Woke up early so I can take advantage of the early morning lighting <3 I hate taking photos during lunchtime /squinty eyes.

I really, really need a haircut. Can anyone suggest a good salon in The Fort area? :o I haven’t been to a salon in more than 6-8 months! LOL — and I call myself a girl. Yup.

Definitely going to my ‘favorite colorful dresses collection’!

Everyone please say hi to Riz ! <3 She’s behind all these awesome photos! Thank you! 

31 Dec 13

Before the Year Ends

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Hi everyone!
Just returned from my Taiwan trip yesterday and I am so excited to share some of the photos I took (soon, I promise!) Anyway, I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas with their loved ones. Just a few more hours before new year! I can’t believe how fast time flies. 2014, I am ready for you! :D 

Sun Flower Pattern Sweater from CHOIES
Origami Skort from Stradivarius 

Hype this look here

Obligatory tourist photo.

So, so cold. Worst break out with matching dry & flaky skin. Yikes! Any product recommendations to remedy this? buhuhu. 

My number one photobomber cousin, Dean. :)) Spot the cute Disney Kirin Milk tea! <3 

Happy New Year everyone! 

24 Nov 13

FASHIONARY Neon Light Review and Giveaway

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Thank you once again to Jasper of AVALON.PH for making this review and giveaway possible~! :)

*Cue in drumrolll* 
Fashionary recently released a new member of the family — the Neon Light which is sort of like a mini Fashionary. It’s about the size of my palm (9 x 16cm) which makes it very handy & easy to carry around thus the tagline “sketching on your palm”. 


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11 Nov 13

Peek-a-boo !

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Sharing last Saturday’s outfit :)

Thanks to my baby cousin for helping me with the photos~!


• Denim Acid Wash Cut-out Button Down from Gelivanelli Couture
(@Gelivanelli on Instagram)

• Houndstooth Leggings form Stradivarius 

• Sneakers from Topshop



Peek-a-boo, my clavicle sees you! hehehe. 



Tiptoeing to give the illusion of longer legs =))

30 Sep 13

So Vintage!

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How was your weekend? Hope you had a splendid time like I did! :) I spent my Saturday with my 2 best boy buddies (who happen to look like Kpop stars lol) Keita and Jade. More on that in a separate entry! 

Anyway, here’s what I wore last Saturday :D Decided to wear something comfy since I had store pull-out errands (for a secret project, shhh) ~!


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