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30 May 13

Black, White, & a Little Bit of Red

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Black and White outfit for today just because the weather is gloomy. I dislike rain with a burning passion (not as much as I dislike frogs and lizards though!)— I must be weird but the rain makes me feel sad and gloomy~ but for some people, it calms them — something must be wrong with me…or them. Seriously speaking though, I blame Tricia for the whole black and white obsession! I mean, come on. I’m sure you’re all used to seeing me in happy pastel colors, right? I must be getting old :o


Top from : Mango
Jeans from : Apartment8
Headband from : Forever21 


Red ombre/dip-dye tips to conquer the black and white-ness of my outfit! 


Currently obsessing over usamimi style headbands! Got this at Forever21 during my last visit~ I wish they’d carry more designs/patterns :( 

Trivia : Haven’t changed my glasses (frame) in 7 years ._. IKR. Talk about being stingy. I have to look for a replacement soon cause it’s starting to look … well, old — as if it’s not old as of the moment.


My already dying Storm Troopers Coloud headphones! Used and abused ~ Sound quality  and band is failing me. It has served me well :( #Clingy



My not-so-white Swatch watch! It’s actually a limited edition Jeremy Scott! Took off the wings cause it might fly off… lol, kidding :D I’m afraid to lose it since it detaches a bit too easily. Trying to get back that old habit of wearing watches! I always had a watch on back in high school & college! I felt so naked without it~! Also, I’m not particularly fond of accessorizing so a watch pretty much makes up for it :p I’ll try to wear watches more often ;_; I’ve been relying so much on my iPhone for the time — and a lot of other things, mind you. 


Ideal wedge/platform height for long hours of walking! <3 Need this in other colors.


BTS. Thanks to Arvee for taking my photos! :) Not sure what I’m mad about. Probably my hair since it’s all over my face! 


Yee~ Red tips :) 


I love it so much! :D


30 May 13

Easy Dip-Dye / Ombre Hair | Tutorial

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Have you ever wanted to dip-dye/ombre your hair? Are you too hesitant to try because:

1. Your hair is damaged — especially the tips! Yikes!
2. You don’t know which salon to go to
3. If ever you did find a salon — it’s a bit pricey and you have the risk of having your hair even more damaged
4. You don’t want to bleach your hair
5. You don’t want anything permanent 

If you answered yes to at least one, then you’re in luck! This is the easiest and the least time consuming method I have tried so far. It’s so easy you can do it yourself within the comforts of your own home.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done/used this product — which I will talk about in a bit. It was actually Marj Sia who first introduced it to Val and I last year. 

So what exactly am I talking about? *cue in drumroll*



* Different colors available

Shine Moist Henna Wax 

"Shine Moist Henna Wax Color Treatment especially designed for dull and damaged hair. The unique formula is competent to penetrate deeply with protecting the cuticular layer of hair while the color treatment is processing. Exclusive natural color treatment and rich protein bond ingredients helps give nutrition, leaves hair exceptionally soft plus natural color looking. Henna Wax Color Treatment enhanced by using professional steamer to maximize the potential softness."



1. Make sure you don’t have very dark / black hair. This will only work on med-light hair. 

2. Make sure you cover your work area with newspapers/plastic. The dye stains quickly on most surfaces (but it’s washable…I think)

3. Use latex gloves — the product texture is a bit slippery so plastic gloves might not be a good idea.

4. Hair rubber bands

5. Plastic bags enough to fit in your hair. You can use shower caps too :)


Kool Aid Dip-Dye (very similar application process) — Click here for photos

1. Tie your hair into pigtails

2. Generously apply henna wax starting from the tips. Apply lesser henna wax as you proceed to the top /mid part of your pigtails

3. Make sure you apply the product EVENLY. It might be easier for you to use a dye brush :) 

4. After application, wrap your hair up in plastic to avoid staining your clothes while waiting~ Use rubber bands to secure plastic bags.

5. Lighter hair — leave on for 15-30 minutes; Medium Shade — Leave on for an hour and a half. You can always re-apply if it’s not vibrant enough (but dry your hair first) Leave on longer if you want it to be extra vibrant! 

6. Rinse off product/ until water runs clear. Do not shampoo/condition to allow color to stay in longer. 

7. Dry hair and enjoy your new ombre/ dip-dye :)



• Affordable at only Php 214.00 a tub (good for 2-3 uses — for tips only)

• Locally available (Galleria Department Store and Landmark)

• It’s a treatment designed for dull & damaged hair so no need to worry about further damaging your hair.

• Temporary — will last for about 1 week or two. Color intensity fully depends on how light your hair is.

• You can control color intensity — depends on how long you leave the product on your hair before rinsing it. 


• You have to rinse it off really well as product tends to bleed/stain on clothing. Wear dark colors for the first 2-3 days to avoid staining.

• Smells a bit weird but not unpleasant. 

• Not too many colors to choose from.

• Can get a little messy when applying — cover your workplace with newspapers to avoid staining!


Enjoy!!! :) 

16 Jan 13

Kracie Prostyle Fuwarie : Review

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I decided to give this a try since Tricia swears by it~! (hallooo Tweesia!) I also would have bought it in a heartbeat anyway because it has the cutest packaging in the world! The Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Mist by Kracie comes in 3 variations : 

1. Straight Style

2. Curly Style

3. Air Bob Style

I ended up purchasing the third (Air Bob) since I plan to use it on my forever moody and rebellious bangs.


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12 Jan 13

Davines Nounou line | Review & Giveaway

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Hello! I’m so sorry this review/giveaway came in so late! Anyway, here it is! :D Just a brief background before the review ♥


 ” Davines is an Italian brand based in Parma, Italy whose main philosophy is to bring out the beauty from the marriage of nature and technology through processes that promote sustainable beauty. Our primary focus is to promote beauty, while keeping in mind the care that one must consistently give to nature. We try to use as much natural ingredients in all of our products, keeping the balance between substance and style, nature and science, and people and spirit. We offer a wide range of hair color and hair care products which will suit your hair’s every need. Our products are exclusively sold in salons.”

♥ ♥ ♥

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