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2 Sep 12

DIY Ombre Sneakers Tutorial

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Hi guys :) As promised, here’s a step by step tutorial :D Thank you for the numerous notes, comments, and likes on Instagram ~ Follow me on Instagram if you haven’t ! (SHAMELSS PLUGGING MWAHAHAHA) — crissey8 on Instagram. 


This is super easy and fun :) 

Things you need:

• Gloves

• Syringe (1 per color) — Optional but recommended :) PLEASE REMOVE THE NEEDLES LOL

• Rubber Cement — Optional

• Masking Tape — If you don’t have rubber cement

• Atomizer — Optional but highly recommended for precision 

• Sponge 

• Popsicle sticks for mixing the dye

• Fabric Dye (Liquid or Powder) — I’m using powder for this tutorial 

• Paintbrush (Make sure it’s clean — I suggest using a new brush; just buy the cheapest one)

• Plastic Cups for mixing dye

• Hot water

• Newspaper or anything to cover your work area

• Wear clothes you don’t mind having fabric dye spilled or splattered on


Step 1:

Bring out your sneakers :D (old or new) 

Note: This will only work on white or light colored sneakers. For darker sneakers, you have to bleach it first. 

PS: Don’t forget to remove the laces :) You can also remove the insoles if you want~

Step 2:

Cover all the rubber side strips with Masking tape or Rubber Cement to block out the dye from adhering to the rubber. You can remove it afterwards or wait for it to wear off We won’t be dipping the entire shoe in the dye mixture so there’s no need to cover the soles.


I love how my rubber cement (Elmers) has a built in brush ! :D So convenient! Just be careful not to put so much as rubber cement is also use to adhere. Just apply a thin layer on the rubber. 

Wait for a few minutes and allow the cement to dye. If you’re using masking tape, you can start immediately with step 3.


Step 3:

Now you have to wet/soak your sneakers (canvas part only) with HOT water.

You can do so by using a paintbrush first then soaking it more with a sponge.

It is very important to work on a wet/soaked surface to allow the dye to blend and mix better — no hard lines/obvious transitions to achieve the ‘ombre effect’.


Step 4: Make your dye mixture

* I used 1 sachet of powder dye for this tutorial (per color)


Because I’m starting with the darkest part (back) of the ombre, I only added 3/4 of an inch of hot water to 1 sachet of purple dye. Don’t forget to mix! :)


Step 5:

Once you’re done mixing your dye mixture (darkest) ~ take out your atomizer and syringe (optional). I think the smaller atomizers will work best for sneakers as it won’t cover a large surface area. For bigger materials such as shirts, you can use the bigger atomizers (Yes, the one you use when ironing clothes)

I used my syringe to transfer a bit of the concentrated dye into my atomizer. /Because I am O.C like that :))


Step 6:

Use your sponge to wet your sneakers again :) Make sure to cover the whole area~!

Spray the back part of your shoe with the dye bath. Careful not to over-spray :) You can always spray again :D

Do note that once it dries, the color will be lighter than it is on a wet surface. 

Step 7 : 

Now take your brush, dip it in your hot water and carefully blend out your dye (Colored to white areas of your shoe). Yes, we are now creating the ‘ombre effect’.

Use more water as you get nearer the middle part of your shoe or wherever you want the ombre to end (white). 

Afterwards, clean your brush and dip it again in water (clean hot water). Now carefully brush water starting from the WHITE part of your shoe to the lightest ombre — this is to remove or make any hard lines more subtle. Repeat steps until you’re satisfied with your ombre. 

If you’re using only one color, you can stop here and let your sneaks dry :) But don’t forget your other pair HAHA :))


Step 8:

If you’re planning to have 2 or more colors, simply repeat steps 4 - 7.

I’ll be adding pink ombre for the other half on my pair :D

You may start at the TIP with the darkest shade again. However, this time I suggest you start with the lightest shade. (Just add more water to your mixture — about 1 and a half inches of water)

Start from the tip and work your way halfway up to the white part. Clean your brush and blend until you’re satisfied.


Step 9:

OK. So it didn’t turn out pink :)) Oh well /flips table. It looks nice though!

Step 10:

Add more dye for a more concentrated mixture and apply to the tip (1/2 inch) of your shoes then work you way up with your clean brush. 

I added a bit of red to my pink dye so it’ll be a bit darker ._. But it turned…REDDDD :)) /fail ~ oh well!


Step 11:

If you still have remaining dye mixtures you can dip dye your laces too! :) You don’t have to be very neat/careful with this one since it’s not that noticeable once it’s laced. 

dip dip dip~

Tadaaa~! Now carefully wring out excess water :D


Step 12:

Be patient and wait for it to dry :))

Don’t be surprised if it’ll turn out 1 or 2 shades lighter ~! :) I DID warn you that it’ll be lighter on step 6. 

Just make your mixture darker or more concentrated if you want a dark ombre~ I was aiming for a pastel shade so…yeah! :))

Tadaaaa :D Easy, right? :) 

Hope this helps! :) Show me yours if you make one ^u^

<3 Crissey