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5 Nov 13

Hong Kong • 2013 • Day 2

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As promised, here’s day 2 of our Hong Kong 2013 trip!
A thousand thanks again to Access Travel and Tours for making this happen. One of the best trips I’ve had in my life. Looking forward to many more adventures with Tricia in the future ♬♬♬


First stop, Times Square! We arrived early so we decided to take photos…of ourselves HEHE.


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24 Oct 13

Hong Kong • 2013 • Day 1

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Last September, Tricia and I flew to Hong Kong for a short vacation c/o Access Travel & Tours (thank you!) Angely of Access Travel & Tours arranged everything we needed for the trip;from booking tickets for the flights down to our hotel accommodations. We were supposed to travel the month before (August) but we didn’t push through due to the terrible weather /shakes fist at habagat. Safety first! Luckily, we were able to re-book our flight and hotel accommodations /phew!


First shot with Tricia; who looks super gorgeous (what’s new?)

Sleepy but excited! We haven’t even boarded the plane yet but we were already having conversations on where we’re off to next year! 

Despite having been BFF’s since college, it’s really funny (and sad) that it was our first trip together. We’ve been so contented with our Shangri-la, Powerplant mall, and coffee dates lol. We had a splendid time that we’re already planning to go on another one next year~! Korea or Japan — ahh, all my feels! I HAVE to see Shinhwa, SNSD, and Arashi before I die. 

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18 Sep 13

K-Palette D. Eye.Y. Bloggers Event

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Surprise, surprise! Trissey attended a bloggers event held at Geisha (The Fort) a few weeks back. I rarely attend events because I have the word ‘Introvert’ sewed into my system — as well as Tricia. I don’t really mind attending events as long as I have at least one person I’m really close with attending with me (hermit crab pose). Thankfully, we both received invites from K-Palette (Thanks Cheryl!). That, and we were super curious about their new product — Mega Cute Glue/Tape for girls (and boys) with monolids. 



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6 Aug 13

Le Bunny Bleu Finally in Manila

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Hi guys! 

I’m so excited to share this news with everyone I’m about to hyperventilate! The “QUIRKY, COLORFUL, CHARMING AND TOTALLY ADORABLE” brand Le Bunny Bleu New York finally hits Manila (ahh!). 

Tricia and I dropped…or rather, hopped by their flagship store in Shangri-la Mall last Saturday. Check out her entry here :)


Please excuse my ecstatic face. I’ve been a huge fan of this brand ever since they released those adorable bunny face flats. I have always been -THIS CLOSE- to ordering online however, worldwide shipping is a bit expensive (and our Customs suck, btw) — wooh! So I’m really, really glad that it’s finally locally available. They’re opening a second branch in Glorietta 5 so better watch out for it!


Trissey bunnies in the house!


Spot Alyanna Martinez in this photo! :D

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13 Jun 13

Flowers and Dots

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Hi everyone~ How did you spend your holiday today? I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating much recently but… hello! Yes, I am still alive :) 

Anyway, I spent my afternoon with Tricia and the Canmake Philippines Team today (yay!). We’ve been a fan since forever and we’re so glad it’s finally here in the Philippines! Share the Canmake love! I can’t wait to use the Canmake goodies we received today — Thank you so much Sachie-san, Eri-san, Bea, and Arbee for a splendid afternoon. Tricia and I are very excited for their grand launch/opening which will happen very soon! In the meantime, you can add them up on FacebookTwitter, and on Instagram (@CanmakePH) for updates.

According to Tricia, this is 'my angle'. 

Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Extremely girly case from Crowned Velvet

Loving this high waist skater skirt so much as it gives the illusion of longer legs — I think we’ve all established the fact that I’m vertically challenged. Expect more skater skirts in the future! :D

By far my favorite pair from Tutum Shoes. Don’t you just love the floral detail?
(P1,200 — Eunice Wedge)

Crissey signing off! Hope you had a splendid day :)

28 May 13

Looking Back

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Top : Romwe

Origami Shorts : Apartment8

Macy Flats : Tutum Shoes

Thanks to Tricia for the photos! Only Tricia can take a shot this close-up and make me look pretty! Photography skill lvl = God skills. 

Anyway, enough about my outfit; this entry is supposed to be about a Saturday well spent with one of the most awesome people I know *cue in drumroll* (so sweet, ikr)

Loving her pink dip dye/ombre tips! Sadly, the hair chalk made her hair a bit dry~ I told her to use henna wax since it’ll make the tips softer, it’s temporary, and it’s easier to apply. She asked me to make a tutorial which I will (I promise!) within the week, or next :D

We finally managed to meet up and hang out just like the old times. It’s been really hard for us to schedule these things after college since we’re both very busy with work. If I’m busy, she’s probably 100x busier than I am. I’m so glad she still has time for me *cue in emo music here* Really, I feel so lucky and blessed to have her in my life. We’ve known each other for around 7 years now and despite having our own share of ‘falling apart’ moments, we’ve always managed to pick up the pieces and put it all back together. In line with the recent events and revelations happening around us right now, I’m proud to say that it has somehow made our friendship stronger. The thing about friendship is that sometimes you disagree with each other, yet you still hold hands and face it together. There might be moments in which you experience a ‘break’ from each other — which I think is healthy for relationships in general. The difference is however is that you don’t keep the ends cut off forever; instead you use your time apart to rethink and reflect on things you might have done and said that has led to disagreements and falling apart. Never ever let pride get in the way of a friendship; always apologize when necessary. This somehow ties an even stronger knot — complete with mighty bond and everything :p Friendship is too beautiful when genuine. 

Mommy activities a.k.a “coffee, coffee lang” are the best! We probably spent an hour and a half just talking and trying to figure out how my Canon G1x works — which obviously, she managed to figure out eventually being the awesome person that she is. She even taught me new tricks *wink wink* Hopefully, I can take better photos in the future hehe :)

Our iPhones! Love how one can tell which one is mine and which is Tricia’s :)) I should disguise mine in black! /pretentious iPhone pls.

We got our matchy matchy usamimi ear plugs from Yhansy —which has been one of my my happy places ever since I set foot in their store 3 years ago! Coincidentally, we finally met the store owner, Marianne. She was so nice and we even had our picture taken heehee :) Which reminds me, I should ask for a copy!

If anyone’s interested, it retails at only P100 each :) We got ours in their Shangri-la branch or maybe you can drop them a message via facebook.

My very first EMODA merchandise (Thanks, love!) She also got me the EMODA 2013 S/S booklet, a new Canmake lipgloss to add to my already growing Canmake collection, pink sparkly earrings, heart tattoo tights, and a very pretty iPhone case — how sweet is this girl? /ants everywhere.

Ending this entry with Tricia’s favorite photo of me *o*

24 Jun 11
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Please add my online shop for updates! :3 Will start pre-order soon! 8D
♥ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crisseys-Online-Shop/132418790171990?sk=wall ♥

Please add my online shop for updates! :3 Will start pre-order soon! 8D

♥ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crisseys-Online-Shop/132418790171990?sk=wall ♥

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