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13 Jun 13

Flowers and Dots

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Hi everyone~ How did you spend your holiday today? I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating much recently but… hello! Yes, I am still alive :) 

Anyway, I spent my afternoon with Tricia and the Canmake Philippines Team today (yay!). We’ve been a fan since forever and we’re so glad it’s finally here in the Philippines! Share the Canmake love! I can’t wait to use the Canmake goodies we received today — Thank you so much Sachie-san, Eri-san, Bea, and Arbee for a splendid afternoon. Tricia and I are very excited for their grand launch/opening which will happen very soon! In the meantime, you can add them up on FacebookTwitter, and on Instagram (@CanmakePH) for updates.

According to Tricia, this is 'my angle'. 

Peek-a-boo! I see you!
Extremely girly case from Crowned Velvet

Loving this high waist skater skirt so much as it gives the illusion of longer legs — I think we’ve all established the fact that I’m vertically challenged. Expect more skater skirts in the future! :D

By far my favorite pair from Tutum Shoes. Don’t you just love the floral detail?
(P1,200 — Eunice Wedge)

Crissey signing off! Hope you had a splendid day :)

4 Jun 13

Tutum Shoes opens in Rockwell Hip Culture

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You’ve read that right~! One of my favorite local shoe brands finally opens in Rockwell Powerplant Mall. Say hello to Tutum Shoes <3

Hip Culture is located on the 2nd floor beside Globe. Turn right when you enter — it’s a corner spot. 

I’m so glad they finally have a physical store. As opposed to online shopping, I don’t have to worry about not getting the right size/fit :) I’m usually a size 7 but I have thin feet (what a weirdo) so I sometimes end up getting a size 6. Saves so much time shipping back and forth :D The S.A in Rockwell is super accommodating too. You’ll end up buying more because she’s so nice and helpful haha ! (Sorry ate, forgot to ask for your name huhu) 

But of course, if you’re sure about your size, you can always opt for online shopping instead — (Here’s the Facebook page of Tutum). Jerella, the owner of Tutum is the sweetest! She’s very professional and accommodating.

/Hi Jerella <3 Thanks for always sending me lovely shoes! /forever grateful.

Anyway, below are a few shots of their gorgeous shoes I managed to take when I dropped by last Saturday. Aside from providing us with very reasonable/affordable prices, their designs are chic, unique, and definitely wearable — nothing too over the top. 


AHH! Been lusting for this pair since it came out.  


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28 May 13

Looking Back

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Top : Romwe

Origami Shorts : Apartment8

Macy Flats : Tutum Shoes

Thanks to Tricia for the photos! Only Tricia can take a shot this close-up and make me look pretty! Photography skill lvl = God skills. 

Anyway, enough about my outfit; this entry is supposed to be about a Saturday well spent with one of the most awesome people I know *cue in drumroll* (so sweet, ikr)

Loving her pink dip dye/ombre tips! Sadly, the hair chalk made her hair a bit dry~ I told her to use henna wax since it’ll make the tips softer, it’s temporary, and it’s easier to apply. She asked me to make a tutorial which I will (I promise!) within the week, or next :D

We finally managed to meet up and hang out just like the old times. It’s been really hard for us to schedule these things after college since we’re both very busy with work. If I’m busy, she’s probably 100x busier than I am. I’m so glad she still has time for me *cue in emo music here* Really, I feel so lucky and blessed to have her in my life. We’ve known each other for around 7 years now and despite having our own share of ‘falling apart’ moments, we’ve always managed to pick up the pieces and put it all back together. In line with the recent events and revelations happening around us right now, I’m proud to say that it has somehow made our friendship stronger. The thing about friendship is that sometimes you disagree with each other, yet you still hold hands and face it together. There might be moments in which you experience a ‘break’ from each other — which I think is healthy for relationships in general. The difference is however is that you don’t keep the ends cut off forever; instead you use your time apart to rethink and reflect on things you might have done and said that has led to disagreements and falling apart. Never ever let pride get in the way of a friendship; always apologize when necessary. This somehow ties an even stronger knot — complete with mighty bond and everything :p Friendship is too beautiful when genuine. 

Mommy activities a.k.a “coffee, coffee lang” are the best! We probably spent an hour and a half just talking and trying to figure out how my Canon G1x works — which obviously, she managed to figure out eventually being the awesome person that she is. She even taught me new tricks *wink wink* Hopefully, I can take better photos in the future hehe :)

Our iPhones! Love how one can tell which one is mine and which is Tricia’s :)) I should disguise mine in black! /pretentious iPhone pls.

We got our matchy matchy usamimi ear plugs from Yhansy —which has been one of my my happy places ever since I set foot in their store 3 years ago! Coincidentally, we finally met the store owner, Marianne. She was so nice and we even had our picture taken heehee :) Which reminds me, I should ask for a copy!

If anyone’s interested, it retails at only P100 each :) We got ours in their Shangri-la branch or maybe you can drop them a message via facebook.

My very first EMODA merchandise (Thanks, love!) She also got me the EMODA 2013 S/S booklet, a new Canmake lipgloss to add to my already growing Canmake collection, pink sparkly earrings, heart tattoo tights, and a very pretty iPhone case — how sweet is this girl? /ants everywhere.

Ending this entry with Tricia’s favorite photo of me *o*

20 Mar 13

03.20.13 | Striving

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I never realized how hard it is to take decent/aesthetically pleasing photos for my fashion related entries! I’ve been backtracking through my posts and realized how lousy and boring my shots were! I mean, really…a plain outfit on a plain wall. Spell mediocre. I’m now striving to post better shots but as we all know, I’m not really the most brilliant photographer out there hehe :D Thank God for my super awesome friend/officemate Arvee for taking my photos despite the fact that we took these today at 12:30pm! Hello scorching summer heat! Now I understand why photographers go crazy over ‘proper lighting’ ! 


My peek-a-boo top is from Apartment8 ~ Don’t get me started on how much I love this top! Let’s just say I also have it in yellow and I think I want it in all colors ~ perfect for the summer heat! I wish they released a black version of this too! I got a few more items from Apartment8 last week! They were on sale - lucky! (Greenhills branch) I want to go back and buy a few more items but my wallet is cringing. 


Sexy back! LOL Paired my top with a pastel yellow bottom/pants from Zara to match the gold details.

PS: Do not mind the bra strap. I forgot to switch it with the clear one. Okay? :))


I finally got to use my cat ‘neko’ clutch I got from eBay! :) 


Kitty with golden eyes is staring at you!



Kitty ears headband (Yhansy) to match my cat clutch! :)


Wore the one with rhinestones for a change :D Plus one pearl fell out of my other headband ._.

*Also available in silver (Yhansy Shangri-la)



My new lovely pair from Tutum Shoes ~! Definitely one of my favorite local shoe brands. I swear by this brand! Comfy and stylish at the same time. Oh and I forgot to mention — affordable! :) I can’t wait to wear my Marsha ‘bunny’ flats too! Check out their page for other styles~! Speaking of which, everytime you purchase a pair, you’ll get an eco bag with my illustration on it :D hehe 





I talk too much. Do you prefer me just writing down the brands of my outfit posts or babbling non-stop? HAHA :)) 

And this is why you shouldn’t take photos under direct sunlight.

Result : A very unflattering photo :D kekeke

That’s it for now ~ hope everyone had an awesome day so far :)

- C

27 Feb 13


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Illustration number 2 for Tutum Shoes ! It’s actually a collaboration *but I won’t tell you what it’s for…yet!* But you’ll find out soon! :)


Brenda has always been one of my favorites from Tutum Shoes ~ My favorite variation/color is definitely the grey one! Too bad they didn’t have it in my size anymore so I opted for the black one instead :) Speaking of which, I haven’t worn it out yet! Planning to bring it with me when I visit Spain ! <3 


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1 Dec 11

December Giveaway | Tutum Shoes x Crissey

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Hello December and hello GIVEAWAY!!! *u* Girls, are you ready to win more…SHOES?! :D Much thanks to Jeralla Cates of Tutum Shoes for this month’s giveaway! 

Say hello to their super pretty, super duper gorgeous model, Janeena Chan! :) hehe /OT

Anyway since I know all of you are totes excited, here’s what you have to do!



1. Like “Tutum Shop" Facebook page

2. Go to : I 
♥ Tutum Shop x Crissey Album. 

Leave a comment with your 
Name : 
Email adress : 

3. Share+Tag us on your Facebook page and make it 
open to PUBLIC.
~ Remember to type in or copy/paste:

Tutum Shop x Crissey” 

(Dont forget to tag!) 

(i.e.) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=254960367892941&set=a.254878554567789.65124.180586588663653&type=3

4. Ask
at least 10 friends to SHARE and LIKE what you’ve shared
The first 20 who gets 
  gets a P100 GC from Tutum Shop! 

5. There will be 2 winners who will get a FREE pair! ANY PAIR OF YOUR CHOICE!! 
Isn’t it great?! 
Winner (2) will be the one with the MOST SHARES! 

**Deadline is on December 15, 2011
* We will announce the winner via Facebook (Tutum Shoes and Crissey’s Album) on (December 15,2011)
~for inquiries, please feel free to send a PM to > tutumshop@yahoo.com

My current fave Tutum flats! So shiny and comfy! *o* and yes, that’s a wig LOL
SOO, What are you all waiting for?! JOIN!!! 8D Goodluck to everyone~ and again, thank you for all the love and support :)
<3 Crissey