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18 Sep 13

K-Palette D. Eye.Y. Bloggers Event

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Surprise, surprise! Trissey attended a bloggers event held at Geisha (The Fort) a few weeks back. I rarely attend events because I have the word ‘Introvert’ sewed into my system — as well as Tricia. I don’t really mind attending events as long as I have at least one person I’m really close with attending with me (hermit crab pose). Thankfully, we both received invites from K-Palette (Thanks Cheryl!). That, and we were super curious about their new product — Mega Cute Glue/Tape for girls (and boys) with monolids. 



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1 Sep 13

CANMAKE at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar

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I’m so excited to share these photos with everyone <3 I dropped by CANMAKE’s booth at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar earlier today ~! The booth and make-up made me all sorts of giddy and overjoyed. I am so glad CANMAKE is finally here in the Philippines~! I don’t have to hoard my favorite products in Singapore and Hong Kong anymore. Plus points for it being so affordable! I was actually expecting it to be a bit more expensive than Hong Kong’s price range — glad I was wrong hehe!

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took a while ago. Btw, it’s their last day (bazaar) tomorrow so make sure you drop by the Rockwell Tent if you’re in the area :) Entrance fee is P100. Fair enough. 


CANMAKE’s new model! とてもかわいいでしょう? —really cute, right? Although I still prefer Lena Fuji !!! <3 


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