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17 Oct 11


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Super simple Make-up using these:

1. MAC Studio Fix (NC35) for light base foundation 

2. Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow in Silver for eyelids and inner corners of the eye

3. Candy Doll Strawberry pink (1st layer) + Peach (2nd layer) for dolly cheeks

4. Dolly wink Black Liquid eyeliner (make it thin for a more natural/no eyeliner look)

5. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame (BEST.MASCARA.EVUR)

6. Candy Doll Sheer loose powder to finish the look! *u*

7. Freshlook Colorblends in GRAY :) 


* Pearl necklace and Pearl Bow Ring from Yhansy Manila

and yes, I have a tiny mole near my upper lip LOL

<3 Crissey

In case you’re interested, Candy Doll and Dolly Wink Cosmetics will be open for pre-order soon : Crissey’s Online Store :)

17 Oct 11

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow

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I’ve always been a fan of shimmery bright eyes *u* YAY FOR GLITTERY CREAM EYESHADOWS !

Silver (left); Gold (right)


LOOOOVE the glitters! I love applying this to the inner corner of my eyes to give an illusion of bigger and brighter eyes! /sneaky sneaky. 


*PS: When applying cream eyeshadows don’t apply too much as it tends to crease~ make sure to check your eye make-up every once in a while ! *o* 

<3 Crissey

In case you’re interested to buy, I’m opening pre-order for Candy Doll and Dolly Wink Cosmetics soon! : Crissey’s Online Shop :)