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24 Nov 13

FASHIONARY Neon Light Review and Giveaway

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Thank you once again to Jasper of AVALON.PH for making this review and giveaway possible~! :)

*Cue in drumrolll* 
Fashionary recently released a new member of the family — the Neon Light which is sort of like a mini Fashionary. It’s about the size of my palm (9 x 16cm) which makes it very handy & easy to carry around thus the tagline “sketching on your palm”. 


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25 Jan 13

Fashionary Planner and Artwork Giveaway

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Are you ready for another Avalon.ph giveaway? :)

If you’ve been following my blog, you might have read a review I made for the FASHIONARY sketchbook.


Up for grabs for this giveaway is a 2013 Fashionary Planner PLUS a Fashionary drawing from me! :)

Here’s what it looks like :


The 1st Planner 
with extensive Fashion Information

  • 16-month weekly planner
  • Size: 14cm (W) x 21cm (H)
  • Pages: 164 pgs
  • Color: Dark grey
  • Paper: Vanilla, 100 gsm
  • image
  • Dictionary + Planner

    The planner is a 16-month weekly planner with extensive fashion information in front. It is the perfect tool for everyday planning and quick referencing. The planner has no fixed day for more flexible usage.


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14 Aug 12

Avalon.Ph x Crissey ♥ FASHIONARY ♥ Review, Blog Giveaway, & Discount Code!

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Words cannot describe how excited I was when I first heard about the Fashionary from my very good friend Valerie. I DESPERATELY NEEDED to have one! — I will never be fully contended with my life if I don’t have this kind of feeling! / LOL.

Anyway, being the lucky banana that I am, Jasper Ong of Avalon.ph e-mailed me and told me Val had mentioned that I was very much interested with the Fashionary! He asked me if I wanted to make a review for my ever so dear readers and that he’d send me not one but TWO Fashionaries! —One for me and one for…wait for it, wait for ittttt….

G I V E A W A Y /insert ridiculously high pitched squeal here. Thank you ;__; Another bonus is that we’ll be giving you guys a DISCOUNT CODE ! That means 10% off on ANY of the Fashionary Items on Avalon.ph ! The discount code is good for the duration of the giveaway + 3 days after. So, if you’re too excited to wait for the announcement of the winner or just feeling a bit unlucky with contests, GO BUY YOURS NOW :D Oh, and did I mention that the complete line of Fashionary products in only available on Avalon.ph ? *o*



To those of you who do not know what a Fashionary is, here’s a description I got from the Fashionary Website:

Dictionary + Sketchbook

"The name "FASHIONARY" comes from "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary". The sketchbook is combined with intensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing."



According to the site, it’s a sketchbook tailor-made for fashion designers — I think anyone who enjoys fashion will find this useful ! The best thing about this sketchpad is that the pages (400) contains a template/s of a silhouette which is barely visible.

"Unlike the traditional templates, the blended templates are formed by dotted line and is barely visible, you can draw on the templates pages like you do on blank papers."

It actually saves a lot of time because I think most people find drawing the human figure the hardest or the most time consuming. With this, you can simply trace and draw over the dotted lines without having to worry about it being seen on your final artwork/design.

By now I think some of you are thinking, “Oh, but I’m no artist! I can’t draw. This isn’t for me :( ” — Well, sorry to burst your 'EMO oh my Gosh I don't have talent for this bubble' but as I said, this is for ANYONE who loves fashion! The team behind the Fashionary is so brilliant they actually included pages for:

Fashion Dictionary

  • - Measurement Tools
  • - 1300 Brands Index
  • - Books and Bookmarks
  • - Body Measurements
  • - Patterns & Flat Drawings
  • - Specs Sheets
  • - Fabric Dictionary
  • - Color & Printing
  • - Laundry labels
  • - Seams & Stitches
  • - Typography and Boards
  • - Fashion Events
  • - Monthly Calendar
From the Regular Fashionary:

HAH! Templates and cheat sheets galore!!! :)) Every time you have a problem trying to draw a particular bag, remembering a brand, a pattern, a stitch, or whatever is is you need help on — the ‘Fashion Dictionary’ is there to help! :D

Carefully crafted, yes? They already thought of everything! :o



100 gsm vanilla paper, which the text or drawing won’t get through to the other side of the paper easily.”

Hmm, now this I have a bit of a problem with. I LOVE using markers on my artworks (duh) but it kind of bleeds A LOT so I can’t really use the backside of each page. I think the best art material to use are mechanical pencils, very fine inking materials, and colored pencils since these don’t seep through your paper or leave heavy marks (If you’re planning to use the back pages cause it’s such a waste not to). As for me, I’m sticking with my markers since they look super nice on the paper :p

And please DO NOT use Sharpies because they tend to bleed a lot. If you really want to use them I suggest you use them AFTER coloring everything and just use them to draw on the tiny details.

I also tried using watercolor but it’s not advisable because it’s too watery so the page gets all wet and wrinkled — THAT, or I’m just not used to using watercolor. Val told me it’s better to use Gouache but I haven’t tried.



Regular Line:

Btw, I’m reviewing the Fashionary A5 Womens edition.

Mens Edition is also available:

"The mens version contains information specially for menswear designers. All the information is menswear-oriented, e.g. measurements, patterns, flat drawings, construction details (menswear exclusive), books and bookmark, etc. Of course, the drawing templates are all in male figures."


Oh and in case you’re wondering what the MEMO is:

A much faster way to develop fashion sketches

"The memo pad has our Fashionary templates printed on it for instant sketching. Besides, you can stick them anywhere.

Every Memo Pad contains a spec sheet on the back for production information.”

I don’t have one but I think it’s similar to a Post-it :) 




Only 400 made. Fashionary and Sibling have teamed up for a great fall collection on 400 limited collector’s boxsets. This special edition includes: a knitted iPad pouch + Fashionary + mini knitwear handbook. The knitted iPad pouch are patterned with Sibling’s signature red & lemon leopard print with skull graphic.”



NOW THIS I AM TOTALLY RAVING ABOUT! I need to get ALL THREE :c Too pretty!!! <3 I love the Fashionary so much I actually don’t mind stocking up ._. It’s my new best friend <3

Btw, once they’re gone…THEY’RE GONE!!! :)) ahhh /panics.





Does this look familiar?

heehee :)

Yup! I posted this look on my LOOKBOOK

Thanks again to Toppicks Couture , Yhansy, and CMG Philippines :)



I know you’ve all been waiting for this so I won’t make it long! 

Here’s what you have to do to win a (1) A4 WOMENS EDITION FASHIONARY


• FOLLOW and LIKE AVALON.PH on the following:

Facebook Page:

Twitter Page:


"Why I should win the Fashionary?"

• Don’t forget to leave your (1) Name, (2) E-mail Address, (3) Facebook and Twitter Username when you leave a comment/anwer


That’s it!!! :) Easy! :D There will be ONE WINNER. Contest will end on the 21st of August :) 7 days only so you better hurry ! 


10% Off on any Fashionary item on Avalon.ph !



Avalon.ph will be participating at the ETC bazaar event this August 25-26. In case you are not able to purchase online, you can visit their booth at the RONAC ART CENTER (Discount code is only valid for online transactions)

<3 Crissey